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$9.99 per month after 14-day free trial

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Team Duwe Fitness workouts maximize calorie burn so you  work out 3 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes!

Program Includes:

3 New Full-Body Workout Videos Every Week

Each workout is different, so you’ll never get bored of the same thing. Plus, you can save time planning since we do the thinking for you. Do your workouts at home or at the gym, or anywhere else, because you can stream your workouts on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Direct Access to Trainers & Members

It’s like having your own personal trainer. You get access to pro trainers via cell phone, email and social media for consultation, motivation, and support. And, get support right from other community members too — that’s why it’s called Team Duwe Fitness.

The Psychology of Getting Fit

The number one most important thing to get in shape, lose weight and feel better for the long term is to change your mentality. Team Duwe Fitness is the only fitness program that teaches you how to get in the right mindset with their proven system.

Outline Nutrition Plan, eBook with 90 Healthy Recipes, & Carbs/Fats Reference List

Our nutrition plan will tell you exactly what to eat to lose weight. You also get a 98 page recipe eBook organized by snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. This makes it easy to eat healthy and stay on track.

Enjoy your workout while streaming to your favorite device – iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or smartphone, home computer, Apple TV, Roku or Chromecast. 

Sync content for offline viewing so your favorite videos are available whenever and wherever you want. 

Watch from anywhere!


Brooke G.

“I started seeing progress in two weeks in the areas that I focused on the most. I won’t do any other workout but the Team Duwe ones.”

Julie W.

“There are struggles and there are whines from my girls, but they look forward to the workouts every week. Not only does Mike get you moving, but he speaks from the heart. In our family, diabetes runs, and I have it. So why not start now and teach my girls about proper diet and exercise. Team Duwe helps me get that done. Thank you for creating this so we can workout at home too!”

Dessie S.

“Only done two workouts and I feel amazing! the best is yet to come”

Alyssa H.

“I’ve tried a lot of home workouts and NOTHING compares to Team Duwe! If you’re trying to be healthy and gain self confidence Team Duwe is the way to go the workouts are exhilarating and you feel fantastic.”

Tracy B.

“This is my first week, I am starting to feel a difference in my body. Not saying I’m loosing weight yet but I can definitely feel my body getting stronger each day. I’ve tried other workouts and even went to the gym which never really encouraged me to want to continue. If you join Team Duwe Fitness I’m sure you will want to continue and want to be another success story. what I love so much is each workout is different and he actually pushes you to your full potential. Thanks Team Duwe Fitness so glad that my friend Kelli gifted me the membership and I’ll definitely continue once mine expires. I now look forward to exercising!”

Tessa W.

“best workout program ever!! absolutely in love with it! best 40 minutes 3x a week I spend”

Rachel M.

“I love this program! I am able to work out, even working 50 hours a week and having 2 small children. This program is easy to follow and has modifications. Highly recommend to anyone!”

Audrey S.

“Amazing trainers and motivators!! Always there to help and push you in the right direction.”


Stephanie H.

“Been doing this workout program for close to 3 months. I feel the best I have in many, many years and not just physically but mentally. Mike and Melanie give You all the tools and resources You need and are available anytime You need them. I have never received any of this from other gyms I have been a member of. This is the only place to go! If You want the results You will get them but You have to put in the work. I will be a life long member for sure!”

Cory T.

“Awesome at home program that will motivate and cultivate a positive attitude and confidence. Not only do they provide an awesome set of workouts, there is nutritional help as well. A top tier training program done the right way.”

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$9.99 per month after 14-day free trial