Maybe you have recently decided to lose weight and get healthier. Or perhaps you are well on your way toward your weight loss goals. And you’ve been doing those kettlebell workouts at home. You’ve also made massive strides in your burpee progression. You’ve been sticking to a healthy and fulfilling diet. Yet, it isn’t exactly what you expected. 

Social media and the internet often portray losing weight as a huge lifestyle change. And it is. But the idea that it will magically fix your problems doesn’t ring true for most. So before you proceed on this journey, what else should you know? What unexpected situations or facts should you know about?

1. Others Might NOT Notice

You lose a few pounds. You’re excited. You’ve been putting in the work and change is finally happening. But no one notices. Accept that this might happen. And that it’s okay. 

Many people are caught up in their own life crisis or problems that they fail to take note of others. It happens. We’re all guilty of it. Just stay on the path toward what you want. Know why you’re doing what you’re doing. 

2. Others Might Try to Derail Your Plans

You are the sum of the five people who you hang out with the most. Chances are if you need to hop on a healthier lifestyle, so do your closest friends and family. And if they aren’t, they might try to talk you out of it. People dislike change. If they see you changing, it may scare them. On the other hand, you can also inspire them to change for the better. If they don’t, it’s okay to move on from friendships or relationships that aren’t serving you anymore.

3. Exercise Alone Won’t Help You Lose Weight

You’ll also need to focus on your diet. In fact, your nutrition plan matters more than exercise. Exercise will keep you motivated. It will keep your mood high. But to lose weight, you need to narrow in on what you’re doing wrong in the kitchen. 

4. Long Cardio Sessions Aren’t the Answer Either

Long cardio sessions will likely only leave you feeling exhausted and bored. Strength training and interval training will help you reach your goals faster. It won’t happen overnight. But strength training is part of a sustainable and permanent healthy lifestyle change. How does this work? By doing intervals, you’ll burn fat long after your workout. And by strength training, you’ll gain muscle which burns more calories at rest. This means you’ll be able to sustain the weight you lose better.

5. You Can Still Eat Sugar

The common misconception is that you’ll have to give up all the good tasting food for healthy and bland food. Healthy food doesn’t have to mean boring plates of vegetables. When you get creative, you’ll find recipes that work for you and are delicious too. And surprise: sugar isn’t your enemy! It’s the type of sugar you eat that matters. Go for nutrient-dense foods, such as fruit smoothies or fruit bowls. 

6. Your Problems Will Still Remain

Losing weight won’t solve all your life issues. It won’t allow you to find fulfillment in your job or your relationship. However, it may give you the confidence to make real changes in your life which lead to greater fulfilment and happiness. 

Let that confidence guide you. Allow it to help you create the life you want. You are in full control of your life, and now you know it. After you’ve reached your weight loss goals, continue down the path of self-improvement. It’s entirely worth it.