Tell me if this is something you experience jumping into a workout routine?

You start your very first workout and you are feeling excited, you set big goals ahead of you, and nothing is going to get in your way!  You complete a couple of the exercises and say to yourself, “I am feeling great”. You push a little harder thinking I may not be as out of shape as I thought. You finish, shower up and feel very proud of what you have just accomplished.

The next day, you wake up and can barely roll yourself over to shut off the alarm.

No worries. Soreness could happen shortly after you get done with your workout, or it could take up to two and a half days.  Whatever the case, there are a few tricks that you can proactively take that may minimize the feeling that death has a grip on your soul…


1. Keep the Ibuprofen Handy

Proactively take an anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol. This course of action has probably been suggested to many of us that have visited a doctor for any kind of pain that we have experienced. This information should not be new, but you have to remember that this suggestion is to only be used short term for the initial few times that you start your routine. Regular use of an anti-inflammatory does have some side effects, but even those found in many of the researches have different warnings that they heed to their readers.


2. You Want Me to Drink What???

Drink a couple of ounces of dill pickle juice or apple cider vinegar. I personally have just learned of the trick of drinking pickle juice. This miracle juice has many benefits. Some of those include soothing muscle cramps, it contains antioxidants that help with your immune system, to even supporting your weight loss goals. So, the next time you finish the last dill pickle spear, do not think that it is time to throw out that jar of perfectly good juice remains. I know that I have started to practice always having some on hand to take a swig when needed.


3. Epsom, Take Me Away

Take a bath with water hot enough to stand and add Epsom salt to it. Not only does the Epsom salt help in soothing sore muscles, it can aid in relieving stress, helps preventing magnesium deficiency, and prevention or easing of migraine headaches. These are among many of the benefits. Take some time to research the health benefits that this very affordable product can offer.


4. Keep the Body in Motion

Do not stay still!! Keep moving. The more you move, the more you limber up and stop the soreness that you may experience. It is almost like rigor mortis is setting in if you let the soreness win. This tip may be one of the hardest to overcome. It is important to have mind over matter. You may want to schedule your fun cardio workouts during this time. Start off with slow walks and you will soon realize that the pain is truly temporary.


5. Remember to Always Have Fun

The decision to take control of your fitness life should be a fun process. It is important to realize that you most likely will not eliminate all of the dreaded feeling of soreness, but, if you follow one or all of these tips, you will reduce your experience with it. Team Duwe Fitness is excited to see all of members succeed, and this subject can be an obstacle for some that they feel they cannot overcome. We are there for you!!! If there happens to be any other questions you want answered, do not hesitate to reach out.