In today’s hustle and bustle of the instant gratification society, most of us tend to make fitness more complex than what it really needs to be. There are many simple tips that will help alleviate you from feeling frustrated. Today we are going to share a few of those with you.

We live in a world of variety. We live in a world of people where everyone is an individual. Plus, people do not like being told what to do. Think about situations where you either witnessed or you’ve tried telling somebody what to do. What did they do? They were most likely resistant, annoyed, or acting like a spoiled little brat.

The reality of it is that you have got to help people find the right foods that work for them. I never tell people specifically what to say. What I like to do is to give an outline for what I consider to be healthy eating for a human being.

There are so many different foods that are processed, as well as people eating a bunch of fast foods. There is no way that anyone can be convinced that a human should be eating that stuff. If we went back to the caveman times, there were no McDonalds on every corner.

Focus on Eating Less Sugar

We like to tell people that’s the only number to worry about, to focus on less sugar. There is no evidence out there that sugar is good for us. It fuels diseases, it raises blood pressure, cholesterol, it feeds cancer, and it makes us fat.

Back in the 80s there was a big push for the low fat/ no fat diet because everybody wanted you to believe that fat is what made you fat. The reality of it is the sugar industry in this world was behind this movement. “Hey, let’s blame fat not sugar.” Well, what they did is they took out all the fat, which was actually good for us, and pumped it full of high fructose corn syrup.

25 Grams of Sugar or Less per Day

25 grams of sugar a day is acceptable within reason. Average Americans are consuming nearly 100 to 150 grams of sugar a day which is leading to the obesity problems. Control your sugar.

Consume Complex Carbs

You should consume “complex” carbs. There are simple and complex carbs. A complex carb is something like brown rice and a simple carb is white rice. Or whole grain bread is a complex carb; white or whole wheat bread is a simple carb.

Simple carbs if you consume them, you should consume them on days that you work out. Because they will be burned quickly If you consume them on a day that you do not workout, there is a better chance that they will turn into fat in your body faster.

Learn About Your Food

The other thing I always tell them do not rely on me to tell you everything. Everyone has a smartphone that will do everything that they need to. You can always use Google. If you do not know what a complex card is Google it. Look it up. Because that way you will learn it, and you will understand it better. And when you learn, you should learn with the intent that you are going to teach somebody else.

Organic Meats and Vegetables with Berries

The other thing is we want to think about is eating organic meats, organic vegetables, and berries versus fruit. Fruit for example is high in sugar, one apple has 25 grams of sugar. You would be better to eat things like black berries blueberries or strawberries.

Enjoy the Process

Now I also tell people that as long as 75% of the time you are doing well with your eating habits, you can enjoy the other 25%. If you want to eat some cake, you want to eat some pie do IT.

Because when it comes right down to it every single day, I never feel I am depriving myself. I enjoy every meal I eat. There is this idea that we should label it as a diet. Do not think of it that way.

So, the thing about it is when you set out do not be frustrated, do not be hard on yourself so that way you are enjoying your journey. You also want to be linked up with somebody professional that knows what they are doing by the proof of their clients, their testimonies, the proof of the progress pics.

If you are taking advice from people just because they say they are in the fitness industry You are going to be steered down the wrong road. At the end of the day that is why so many people give up. Give yourself a break. Love yourself, like yourself and have patience.

If it all happened all at once and where you got to end point instantaneously, it would be no fun. It is the looking forward to, the anticipation, it is the enjoying the process.  Because if you do not enjoy the process, you will not stick with it.

That is why I say to work out three days a week. Three days a week is all you need. Now if you want to work out more, you can reduce intensity and do things like cardio and other fun activities outside. We are not on a weight loss mission; we are creating a new way to live that works something you can do now and when you die.

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