Have you been nursing a nagging leg injury for a while and you are itching to get a workout in but are afraid to in fear of re-aggravating the injury? Maybe you woke up a little late and want to get a full body workout in before work? Maybe you are an ultra-marathon runner and just got done running 26.2 miles yesterday and looking to get a workout in on your off day?

Whatever the case, whatever the fitness level, this workout can kick your ass without putting any stress on your legs or knees!

This workout can be completed in little space and it will only take 20 minutes. All you need is a kettle bell or dumbbell to get the benefit of the floor workout.

Full Body Floor Workout – No Impact on Legs or Knees

This workout will consist of three different exercises. Work for twenty seconds and rest for 10 seconds, 12 sets, 3 rounds. There are three different exercises in each round. As the title indicates all of today’s exercises are performed from the floor.

Round 1

Right/Left Arm Chest Press

With your kettlebell or dumbbell starting off in your right hand, tilt your head up off the floor and lift both legs up off of the floor. As you are pushing the weight off of your chest, you will feel unstable. For this exercise that is good as you will be engaging more muscles. To modify this, hold the leg up opposite of the arm that is holding the weight.

Perform 20 seconds of work for each arm while resting 10 seconds. You will feel this in your chest, shoulders and core area as you go throughout the routine. Once completed with 20 seconds of each arm, then move on to…

Flutter Kicks

Your arms will be slightly bent as you hold the weight just above the chest with the head tilted up as before. Start with your legs extended and off of the ground.

Begin to “flutter” your legs above the ground and continue to do so for 20 seconds. Your core will be engaged and will also feel your quads and hips benefit from doing this exercise.

These three exercises make up the first round. The goal is to complete each of these exercises 12 times within that set. Modify as needed to complete each exercise.

Round 2

Chest Press

This round use both hands to hold onto your weight. Both of your feet placed onto the floor with knees bent slightly. Starting with the weight on your chest squeeze your pecs so that you push the weight off of your chest towards the ceiling or sky.

You will feel your chest, triceps and shoulders get a pump from this exercise. Perform this one for 20 seconds, and rest for 10 and then get ready to do…


Starting with the weight pushed away from your chest arms extended, elbows with a slight bend and your legs extend flat on the floor, lift both legs at the same time pushing your toes towards your weight that is suspended above your chest.

You will be contracting your abs to get your legs above your chest. Great exercise to engage the core. Additionally, the chest, triceps and shoulders get involved as you keep the weight stabilized extended from your chest.


Begin by lying flat on your back with the weight resting on the floor above your head, legs and arms extended. Grab hold of the weigh and pull it up towards your body with the arms staying as straight as possible.

Pull the weight from the floor up and over your head until the weight is above your chest with your arms extended. At the same time as you are performing this move, pull your knees up towards your chest as well. Your knees will bend as pull them to your chest.

The chest and abs are targeted for this exercise.

And this completes round two of this circuit. Now for the final round…

Round 3

Weighted Crunch

Start off on your back with the weight held above your chest again. Knees bent with feet flat on the floor.

For this exercise, you want to engage your core muscles to lift your head and shoulders off of the ground. Keep your arms extended and stabilize the weight above you as you perform the exercise.

Side to Side Wipers

No weight is needed for this exercise. Begin by extending the arms off to each side and lay them on the floor with palms down. Pull your legs up to your waist so that the toes are pointing to the ceiling.

Simply rotate your hips from side to side as you keep your legs fully extended. This is a great exercise that will work your core and help your lower back stay strong.

Hallow Body Hold

Think of this exercise as you want to look like a banana. Beginning from the back, extend arms up over head and legs straight out.

Lift both your arms and legs up off of the ground so that they are a few inches off of the ground and just hold them during the exercise.

You will feel this one throughout the body as many stabilizing muscles are used. The core is the main focus though for this exercise. You may shake a little by the 10 second mark if you are just starting out. Keep with it though, you will be a master in no time.

Get After It

Great job working through this one. You may have noticed that many of the exercises hit many muscles at once. This is to get the maximum results in the least amount of time.

Remember that you can always modify the exercises to fit your fitness level. As long as you are pushing yourself to be the best that you can be, you will achieve your fitness goals.

Always say and think positively. Nothing will be achieved with a negative attitude. Your battle is lost if you hold grudges and carry a chip on the shoulder. Be the person everyone wants to be.

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