It’s that nagging tire around your waist. You just want it gone. And you’ve been doing crunches galore to try to get rid of it.

But… Ab exercises are unlikely to get you the gains and waist reduction you want. The fact of the matter is that you can’t spot reduce. To get rid of belly fat, you have to target your overall body fat. And the best way to get rid of it is to replace it with muscle.

In addition, belly fat is something you definitely want to get rid of for more than aesthetic reasons. Abdominal fat is strongly associated with a higher risk of diabetes and heart disease. Thus, by getting rid of this fat, you can improve your quality of life and longevity of your life.

So, how can you finally rid yourself of that belly fat once and for all? It’s going to take a bit of diet and exercise adjustments to get you there.

Assessing and Adjusting Your Diet

You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. If you’re eating high sugary, processed, and calorie-dense food, you’re digging yourself a hole. You need to begin by adjusting what you eat. What should you take note of?

→ Eliminate high-calorie and high-sugary beverages. You may be overdoing your calories here, which could ultimately be the reason for excess fat. 

→ Add more protein to your diet. Most women don’t get enough protein in their diet. On average, you should be eating about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

→ Eat fiber-rich foods. High-fiber foods can make you feel fuller longer, which can aid in weight or fat loss.

→ Eat frequent but small meals. Don’t over-stuff yourself. Eat slow and chew every bite. Stop when you feel full.

→ Track what you eat. Not sure what you’re eating throughout your day? Become more aware by tracking it. Use phone applications, like MyFitnessPal, to determine if you’re hitting the right number of macronutrients and to find out how many calories you’re actually eating (you may be surprised).

Try Strength Training

Cardio will only get you so far. Plus, not many people can truly state that they enjoy the hours upon hours of cardio. And while you should do some cardio for your heart health, strength training can help you transform your body composition. It’ll help you gain more muscle mass. In turn, you’ll appear more toned and lean.

But where do you start when it comes to strength training?

Start small and with basic movements – think lunges, squats, push-ups, and planks. Begin by getting your form down before progressing or adding weight and resistance. Once you are able to, challenge yourself by adding dumbbells, bars, or resistance bands. 

At Duwe Fitness, we’ve got a beginner and advanced strength training program that you can start today! It’ll help you build muscle, and thus, help you rid your body of that nagging belly fat.

Your Belly Fat Burner Strength Training Workout

Start with a 5-10 minutes warm-up. Perform an activity that gets your heart rate up, such as running on the spot, jumping rope, jumping jacks, or high knees. You may also choose to alternate between a few different exercises during this warm-up time.

Perform each exercise 10-15 times. Complete a total of 3 sets per exercise. 

Exercise #1: Squats

Start with your feet hip-width apart. Make sure your back is straight. Tighten through your middle, and slowly bend your knees, sticking your buttocks out behind you. Ensure that your knees do not fall forward past your ankles. They should remain over top of your ankles throughout the entire movement. Lower until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Then push back up through your heels. Another reminder: Keep your chest up and open throughout the exercise.

When you add weights, you can hold dumbbells in either hand or place a bar in front of you or on your shoulders behind you.

Exercise #2: Deadlifts

Stand tall with your feet hip width apart. Hinge forward at the hips, slightly bend your knees, and keep your back straight. Reach down toward your shins. Your back should remain straight throughout the entire exercise. As you bring your upper body back up into standing, squeeze your glutes and thrust your hips slightly forward, then stand up tall. 

When you add weight, you will hold the bar or dumbbells in front of you with straight arms, pointed down toward the floor. 

Exercise #3: The Lunge

Step one foot forward. Bend both knees. Your front knee should bend over top of your front ankle. Your back knee should bend underneath your hips. Hold for the count of 2, then push back up to start. Make sure to do each leg separately for this one. 

Hold weights in each hand to add a bit more of a challenge

Exercise #4: Chest Press

Lie face-up on a bench. Hold a bar in your hands. Position your grip, so it’s about shoulder-width apart with your arms straight above your chest. Slowly lower the bar, bending your elbows out wide to your sides, then push back up.

Exercise #5: Rows

Stand tall, and bend forward at the waist. Your back should remain straight and neutral. Keep your arms long, hanging down toward the floor. Slowly bend your elbows, bringing your arms up and back. At the same time, pinch your shoulder blades down and back. Slowly lower and repeat. When you add weight, hold the dumbbells or bar in your hands in front of you.

Start with these 5 exercises. 

They will offer a full body workout, as well as engage your core – helping you tone your midline, as well as gain muscle all over your body. 

And remain positive! Push and challenge yourself. Be patient. Good things take time, but with patience and practice, you’ll get there. Aim to do this routine at least 3 times a week for optimal results. 

More Workouts

Here are a few more workouts to help you get rid of belly fat:

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Remember Diet and Goals

Further, don’t forget about your diet. Strength training can only get you so far. If you’re overdoing it with too many calories or getting too little protein, you may not make the progress you want. 

Get serious about your goals. Stick with it. And most importantly, believe in yourself. The body can achieve what the mind believes. With practice, time, determination, and patience, you’ll get to where you want to be.