Being a mom is undeniably hard work.

But unfortunately, for most moms, their own health falls to the bottom of the priority list. However, it shouldn’t. Balance is important. And you can’t give your best without being at your best.

There are certainly hurdles that moms face that other adults without kids don’t have, especially when it comes to taking time for yourself. Yet, kids shouldn’t put your life on hold. Your whole identity shouldn’t become wound up with being a mom. While it’s a critical and inevitably important part of your life, you need to find that time to take care of yourself.

And if you’re reading this, you’re likely already on a hunt to find that – as well as to find ways to fit exercise into your busy schedule.

We’re here to tell you it’s possible. Surprisingly, a lot of it is a mental battle. But it’s a battle you can win. It’s also a battle where there aren’t necessarily any losers. Your whole family reaps the benefits. So, let’s dive in!

What changes can you start making today?

Mental Battle #1: Time

It’s not just a mom thing. Many people cling to the excuse of feeling overwhelmed and like they don’t have enough time. For a mother, it might be a little more so. If you have 3 kids, a dog, and a household to run, time runs a little tight. But there are solutions.

Mike Duwe of Team Duwe Fitness says to, “Effectively manage your time. Things always go smoother when things are planned.”  In other words, schedule your workouts. If your child has a hockey or soccer practice that runs for an hour, find space outside or a gym nearby to get a half of an hour or more of exercise in. It’s doable.

Or plan to go exercise after dropping the kids off at school or on your lunch hour at work. There are endless possibilities to schedule it. Most of the time, it comes down to actually putting it in your calendar so that you do follow-through.

There’s also the option to exercise as a family. What activities can you all do together?

Mike Duwe adds, “Always make time and put yourself first because nobody else will.” This means being a role model for your children. Show them how to take care of themselves properly by setting the right example. If you take care of yourself, they likely will grow into self-sufficient adults who take care of themselves too. You end up nailing your job of being a mom, and you end up with great heath. It’s a win-win.

Mental Battle #2: Exhaustion

“I’m too tired.”

“I’ve been going all day.”

Another common excuse. Yet… Exercise will actually give you more energy. Use it to help you wake up and start your day. Or throw that 20-30 minute workout into your afternoon to get yourself out of that midday slump.

Another tip: If you know you’re often tired by the end of your day, schedule your exercise session earlier during your day. Plan to do it when you’re most motivated. Make it easy for yourself – not harder.

Mental Battle #3: Guilt

You feel guilty about leaving your kids to go exercise. You feel bad missing their sports practice to fit in your workout.

This comes back to being at your best to give your best.

Mike Duwe puts it best, “You have to stop feeling guilty about doing smart healthy things for yourself. If you effectively schedule your time you will be able to carve out the appropriate amount of time for you to get in a quality workout, plus have some time to drink some coffee and chat with friends. This will significantly improve the quality of your time with your family.”

He adds, “When you sacrifice everything for your kids you are only building up resentment and adding fuel to the fire and will cause you to snap on the people you love. Working out will get you feeling good and significantly lower your stress, anxiety, and depression, and improve your mood.”

So, toss those feelings of guilt out the window. You aren’t only doing what’s best for you, but also what’s best for your family. Making time for yourself is one of the greatest things you can teach your kids.

On top of that, don’t let others opinions stand in your way. Individuals will often treat you how they feel about themselves. If they feel bad about themselves, they will likely seek out to make you feel bad, which brings us to our next mental battle.

Mental Battle #4: Worrying About What Others Think

The goal here is to eliminate negative self-talk. Be positive. Don’t care what others think. Know that you are doing what is best for you and your family. If people do talk or make comments, brush it off. You are in control of your life. And feeling healthy and good is better than not.

Mike Duwe offers up to not compare yourself to others either. He says, “(other moms) probably feel the same way you do. They are just better at posting on Facebook about how perfect their life is.” But life isn’t perfect, no matter what social media tells you. Most moms go through the same hurdles, battles, and challenges.

Associate with those moms and friends that lift you up, rather than put you down. And it might be time to ditch calling yourself ‘a busy mom.’ Duwe says, “Choose your words wisely. Your thoughts and words are powerful and create your reality. What you think is exactly what you get.”

Affirmations and other positive thinking strategies can help you get into the mindset you need to be in. Tell yourself you do have the time. Give yourself reasons to not feel guilty. Be your own biggest cheerleader and best friend. How would you treat your best friend? Probably not how you often treat yourself. So, flip how you talk to yourself. Compliment yourself and tell yourself when you’re doing a good job. It matters. And it makes a huge difference.

Getting Started: Tips & Tricks to Exercise

Hopefully, by now, we’ve managed to break-through a few mental barriers and blocks. Are you ready to get started? You should be!

At Team Duwe Fitness, we’ve got plenty of tips and tricks to help you get your health and fitness right. The biggest problem with the health and fitness industry is the endless myths and misconceptions out there surrounding what you should and shouldn’t eat and what exercises you should and shouldn’t be doing.

So, let’s breakdown 3 of the biggest myths out there.

Myth #1: Steer Clear of Sugar.

This one’s haunted the fitness industry for years.

Here’s the thing: Your body prefers to use carbs and sugar as its primary source of fuel. It functions best this way. Thus, you need enough of it to function properly and optimally.

Team Duwe Fitness recommends eating at least 25 grams of sugar a day. This should include complex carbohydrates, organic meats, vegetables, and berries.

Sugar isn’t your enemy. Frequently, it’s what your eating the sugar with that is.

Myth #2: Exercise Every Day or You Won’t Make Progress.

Not true. Rest days are important for your body to repair and adapt. Make sure you get quality rest time and enough sleep – at least 7-9 hours a night. Aim to workout about 3 times a week for 30-40 minutes.

And what you’re doing during your workout time matters more. It’s quality over quantity. You want to stick to effective fitness sessions. If you aren’t sure what that is, join Team Duwe Fitness. Mike Duwe says, “You already have a plate full trying to think of exercises to do and (thinking of) how to properly do them will just add more stress to your life and make you feel bad about yourself. is an amazing program that anyone can do and is helping people all around the world. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself when it comes to the things that will improve you. When you invest in your health with a quality program, you will actually add more hours to your day because you will be more effective and efficient.”

Myth #3: Cardio Over Strength Training is the Best Way to Get in Shape and Lose Weight.

A lot of moms want to lose that baby weight. They hit the treadmill for hours on end. Hey, maybe you’ve tried it too. But do you notice how you either plateau at some point or it doesn’t make a huge difference? You get stuck.

You’re missing a fundamental part of fitness: strength training. Strength training builds muscle. This means you burn more calories even at rest. It helps to increase your metabolism and is a more effective means for weight management.

You’ll still want to get in some cardio to improve heart and respiratory health. But if weight loss is your goal, make sure you get those strength training sessions in.

Take Care of Yourself, So You Can Give Your Best Self

Make sure you also drink plenty of water. Aim for a half gallon each day. To reach this goal, carry around a water bottle with you wherever you go.

And don’t forget about quality time when it comes to your relationship. Sex is a critical part of a relationship. Make time for it.

Further, seek out support from your spouse when you need it. Learn to delegate parental duties between the two of you. You should both give each other the opportunity for me-time. In turn, it’ll improve the quality of your family time and your overall happiness and satisfaction with your relationship.

You’ve got this. You’re not just a badass mom, but a badass person too. Make those changes and take those actions toward making your and your family’s life better.

Getting Started

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