In this video, we will demonstrate 6 different leg exercises that will take your leg performance to the next level. These exercises will take you from being one dimensional to multi-dimensional, hitting muscles in the entire leg.

These exercises will improve your strength as well as your appearance, flexibility, performance, quickness, balance and most importantly leg injury prevention.

With each of the following exercises, perform the exercise for 30 seconds, and rest for 15 seconds. You’ll want to work your way up to performing each exercise for 10 rounds. Alternate legs for each exercise so that you perform 5 sets for each leg.

1 – Warrior Pose

This is a yoga pose that will get the workout started by warming the body up. Left foot is squared up, slightly turned into the right foot with a very wide stance. While keeping the body square and arms extended, lean over your right foot and look out over the right foot. When you get into the pose, you should imagine yourself trying to squeeze through a very narrow space.

As you perform this exercise, over time you will achieve greater balance and stamina. The pose works many of the core muscles, as well as the shoulders and arms as you hold the pose, but the greatest benefit you will feel in the leg muscles.

2 – Shifting Side Squats

Again, you want to have a good wide stance with toes pointing forward. Squat sideways over the right leg. You will feel a good stretch in the hamstring of the left leg, while feeling the work load on the quad of the right leg. Return to the standing position and then shift over your left leg.

This exercise will benefit those stabilizing muscles and work your leg from a different angle to achieve better results. Creating the multi-dimensional aspect that we discussed in the opening of the article.

3 – Weighted Curtsey Lunges

Start by standing with your feet at shoulder width apart. Hold your kettlebell in front of you in the curled position. Then drop your right leg behind you as you carry it outside of you left shoulder as far as you can.

This is a great exercise for the knees and hips while working the muscles in the legs at different angles that normally get neglected doing traditional leg exercises.

4 – Weighted Pop Squats

 You can hold your kettlebell in a couple of different position for this exercise. Either with arms extended hanging towards the ground, or with it in the curled position. With this exercise, you want to start with your legs together. Jump and spread your legs just past shoulder width, picture the lower half of a jumping jack, and then squat towards the floor. If you hold the kettlebell in a curled position, you can touch your elbows to your knees. If you let the kettlebell hang, drop down to where the kettlebell hovers an inch above the floor.

You will feel your quads engaged in this exercise as well feeling the stabilizer muscles work as you perform this exercise. Additionally, you will tone and strengthen your calf muscles and as you jump.

5 – Reverse Lunge Kick

With feet at shoulder width apart, take your right leg and drop it straight behind you into a lunge position. As you return to the standing position, kick your leg out straight in front of you. If you feel unbalanced, hold your arms straight out to your sides.

This exercise engages many muscles in the body. It will help with flexibility, while working the stabilizing core muscles. Strength and quickness are benefits that will be realized with time are persistence.

6 – Single Leg, Stiff Leg Dead Lift

With the kettlebell in the right hand, lock the right knee and bend over at the waist so that the kettlebell just kisses the floor. Return to the standing position. You may feel unstable starting out, but over time as with all the above exercises, you will recognize the gains that you achieve with hard work and a never give up attitude.

This exercise will again benefit stabilizing muscles in the legs and hips. Additionally, you will achieve more power in your legs and hips too over time.

Add these 6 exercises to your leg workout routine, and will you notice gains like you may not have ever achieved before.

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