Many people that start a fitness program have the idea that they have to lose all of this weight, or that they need to gain mass amounts of muscle in order to measure their success with a fitness program. Team Duwe Fitness is all about breaking the preconceived molds that all fitness programs are the same. 

When people come to me one of the first questions, I ask them if they are questioning whether they like themselves or, have they ever loved somebody so intensely. Have you ever had that strong emotional love for somebody? Every single person always says yes.

Was this person perfect, no, did they have flaws, yes, were they maybe a dick sometimes? Yes, but you still loved them intently, Yes. Then why can’t you love yourself.

1 – Love Yourself

So, my advice to everybody is first and foremost when you feel good you have to like and love yourself. So instead of farming your love out to your spouse, to your family, to your kids or to anything, love yourself first. 

The beauty of this, people say that “I cannot love myself first.” But you just said you can love somebody for all of their flaws so why can’t you love yourself for your flaws.

It’s time to give yourself a break and live life and enjoy. Because when you love yourself you treat people how you feel about yourself. When you feel good about yourself, you are loving yourself, now you are giving the world the greatest version of yourself and you become a more lovable person and you will create more lovable relationships.

2 – Gratitude

Some people ask, “How can I do this?” One of the first things you can practice is gratitude. Gratitude is the single most powerful way to make yourself feel good.

If you cannot find anything to be grateful for, be thankful for oxygen. It is the exact molecular structure that we need to breathe. Water, H2O, it’s the exact molecular structure for us to stay hydrated. The world is perfect and good. Everything around you, work’s in perfect harmony. So why be so hard on yourself?

3 – Stop Comparing

The other thing to do is to stop comparing yourself to everyone else. People treat you how you feel about yourself. So, you have to think, if somebody is being nice to you, you can assume that they feel good about themselves. The people who are mean to you, feel bad about themselves.

So never let somebody who feels bad about themselves make you feel about yourself. It just does not make sense.

4 – Eat Healthy Foods

Other ways to feel good is that you could eat healthy foods. Now here is the thing, you do not have to give up all the stuff you enjoy eating. So many people think that a diet means I have to eat a bunch of foods that I do not like. I am going to be miserable, and that does not work.

For every decision, you have to ask yourself, which will make me feel better? Eating a candy bar or not eating a candy bar? If eating the candy bar makes you feel better, then eat the candy bar. But do not having feelings of guilt about it. 

You have to understand though, eating a bunch of candy bars does not constitute a healthy living. But a candy bar every once in a while, will not hurt. It is all about levels of discipline. It is like when you start, you have to think about new born babies.

Babies do not come out walking. It takes 8 to 10 to 12 months, maybe even a little longer than that to walk. When they start walking, they look like a little drunk person walking around, but we are super excited for them.

So, this is the same approach that you should take. Say what can we do today to be a little better tomorrow. And as we get stronger, positive things will happen. 

5 – Get Moving

So, gratitude, visualization, eating healthy foods and probably one of the most powerful ways to feeling amazing is to get your bodies moving. We are physical beings that want to experience things.

Sitting around and doing nothing feeling bad about yourself will not get you feeling good, but if you get up off the couch, get your body moving get out in nature because being outside makes people feel so much better.

And the thing about it is when you start implementing all of these things you start feeling better, you start liking yourself, you have to think, you do not have to love yourself 100 percent all of the way. Everything will be better, but not all at once. 

6 – Growth Mindset

You have to have a growth mindset. Too many people approach life with a fixed mindset, which means that when they do something not good, then state they are done.

For example, Michael Jordan was cut from his basketball team his sophomore year in high school. Now with a fixed mindset, we would have never known who Michael Jordan is, but since he had a growth mindset, he said that I am going to prove you wrong.

He went on to be one of the greatest if not the greatest basketball players of all time. Now if Michael Jordan does not get cut from the basketball team, we have no idea who he is because he would not have been as motivated to achieve his goals and dreams.

These are the type of things to think about when you are feeling down about yourself. Nothing is changed overnight. It takes time and discipline. Additionally, patience with yourself as you start to accomplish tiny victories.

Those victories become habits. Your happiness will show, and people will take notice. Believe it or not that happiness and positive attitude that you are making habitual will influence a friend or family member.

Everyone has ups and downs when it comes to our emotions. It is how we bounce back persevere when the bad times show up that defines how influential our positive attitude is.

Team Duwe Fitness at Home main focus is to make you feel great. When you feel great about yourself, you become the best version that you can give those around you. 

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