The kettlebell is one of the most versatile exercise tools you will find!   They are convenient, inexpensive, take up little space, and give you more bang for your buck than any piece of equipment I can think of.  

You really just need one kettlebell to get absolutely fantastic workouts all year round in your home or the gym.

With just one kettlebell, you can develop full body strength, improve endurance, get rid of body fat, and get an intense cardio workout!

To help you spice up your kettlebell workouts, challenge your muscles in different ways, and get you in better shape… here are 5 unique kettlebell exercises you can add to your workouts:

Exercise #1 – Shoulder Press Circles

Shoulder Press Circles build your arm, shoulder, and core muscles.  The circle movement works your muscles at different angles and engages your core more than than traditional shoulder press.  

Be sure to go both directions — you could circle clockwise for 15 seconds and then circle the kettlebell counter-clockwise for 15 seconds.  

Exercise #2 – Figure 8 Squats

The Figure 8 Squat gives you a full body movement working your glutes, quads, core, shoulders, and arms.  Not to mention, it’s a really good cardio exercise.

Exercise #3 – Standing Chest Press

The Standing Kettlebell Chest Press works your muscles at a unique 45 degree angle.  You’ll feel it in your shoulders, chest, and core. And if you squeeze as you press, you’ll feel it in your inner chest.  

Exercise #4 – Triple Crush

The Triple Crush combines the curl, shoulder press, and tricep extension.  It works your biceps, triceps, shoulders, forearms, and core.

Exercise #5 – Bent Over Row Circles

Instead of doing a traditional bent over row, you move the kettlebell in a circle.  This gives your muscles a greater range of motion and challenges your muscles in a different way.  

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