Studies suggest that nearly 80% of Americans will suffer from some sort of back issue in their life. We believe that we can help reduce that number with proper care of your body. Today we’ll discuss 5 unique exercises that will develop amazing ab muscles while at the same time helping to relieve lower back pain.

With each of the following exercises complete 25 seconds work, 15 seconds rest with 10 rounds. Always remember to start off at your pace and as you feel yourself getting stronger to push yourself a little farther.

1) Windmill

You will need some form of weight. We recommended a kettlebell but a dumbbell would work fine or if you don’t have a kettlebell you could also perform this exercise with no weight at all.

Start with your feet in a wide stance, just past the shoulders. With weight in hand, press it above your head. Then take the other hand and slide it down the leg.

You will be able to feel the stretch in the obliques and your hips as you slide down the leg. The windmill also targets many of the core muscles, helps to strengthen the shoulders as well as the glutes.

Once you reach down as far as you can go, return back to the standing position while keeping the weight above your head.

Alternate hands in between each set.

2) Big Circles

As the name suggests, we take the same weight that we used in the previous exercise and create a large circle above the head with the arms extended out.

This exercise you should feel it in your abs and in the shoulders. Overall, you will be able to hit many of the core muscles that help improve your stability.

Go in one direction for the first set, and then alternate direction each set after that until you have reached 10 sets.

3) Goblet Squats

Take the weight that you have been using and hold it out a few inches in front of your chest with arms bent. Next squat down so that your elbows hit the knees and then return to the standing position. If you are starting out, go down as far as you can go and then return to the standing position. As time progresses, challenge yourself to go down a little farther as you feel yourself getting stronger.

This exercise targets the legs and glutes as well as you will feel some pressure on the stomach from holding the weight out in front of you.

To spice it up and to hit more of the oblique muscles, when you are standing up from the squat position, twist at the top of the stance to the right and then alternate to the left on the next rep.

4) Sweepers

With a wide stance, feet just past the shoulders, bend at the waist while keeping the core tight. Take the kettlebell and swing it side to side.

You will feel this throughout your core, and obliques. Great exercise for the golfers out there looking to get a few more yards out of their drive!

5) Kettlebell Swings

With feet spread just past shoulders once again, take the kettlebell weight and swing it in between the legs while keeping the core engaged. This is very important. Keep your head up and swing the weight up to shoulder height.

This exercise is great in helping develop the lower back, while giving you a full body workout with a lot of cardio.

To get the abs you desire, you need to make sure that you are eating right, exercising right, and getting proper rest.

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