This 35 minute workout builds full body strength, works your core, enhances cardio, and burn loads of calories!  

If you complete the entire workout giving your best effort, you’ll also experience an after-burn effect… burning calories up to 48 hours after the workout.

This is a great all-around workout for burning fat, building strength, and boosting your cardio.

For All Fitness Levels

This workout is for men and women of all fitness levels because you can go at your own pace, and when needed, we show you how to modify the exercise based on your ability.  

What You Need

You only need a kettlebell and 8 to 10 feet of flat space.    You can do this workout at home or the gym.  If you don’t have a kettlebell, you can use a dumbell.  

If you’re just getting started with kettlebells, men should start with a 20lb to 30lb kettlebell and women should start with a 15lb to 25lb kettlebell.  You want a kettlebell that starts off feeling a little light but gets heavier as you progress through the workout.  

The Workout

The entire workout consists of “trisets”.  With a triset, you perform three different exercises one after another, without any rest in between.  This is a very efficient way to workout (saves time) and raises your metabolism.

Each triset consists of 20 seconds of work for exercise one, 20 seconds of work for exercise two, 30 seconds of work for exercise three, and then 30 seconds of rest.  You’ll repeat this for 5 rounds and then move to the next triset.

Triset #1 (warm up)

Downward dog – 20 seconds
Cobra pose – 20 seconds
Mountain climbers – 30 seconds
Rest – 30 seconds

* Repeat for 5 rounds.  

Triset #2

One arm bent over row, right hand – 20 seconds
One arm bent over row, left hand – 20 seconds
Figure 8 Squats – 30 seconds
Rest – 30 seconds

* Repeat for 5 rounds.

Triset #3

One arm shoulder press, right arm – 20 seconds
One arm shoulder press, left arm – 20 seconds
Kettlebell swings – 30 seconds
Rest – 30 seconds

* Repeat for 5 rounds.

Triset #4

Bear crawl – 20 seconds
Crab walk – 20 seconds
Plank – 30 seconds
Rest – 30 seconds

* Repeat for 5 rounds.

All Done… Good Job!

Good job, you’re all done. Way To work hard!

Remember, you need to think and act like the person you want to become. Have to have a positive mindset. Eliminate all the negative self talk.  But by all means, you’ve gotta want it!

Always stay active and keep working because “success” is the progressive realization of a meaningful goal. Work towards your goal, no matter how hard it is.  Because I promise it’s worth it.

I’m super proud of you. Until next time, go make it happen!